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Mobile Deposit FAQ

Mobile Deposit User Agreement

What are the eligibility requirements  for using SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit?

Your SMW 104 Federal Credit Union account must be in good standing
You must be registered for SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Online Banking
You must have an iPhone, iPad or Android phone

To utilize SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit you need:

An iPhone - iOS 4.3 & higher
An iPad - iOS 4.3 & higher
An Android - Android OS 2.2 & higher

Why has my registration for SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit not been approved?

Your SMW 104 Federal Credit Union account is not in good standing
You have not enrolled in SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Online Banking and submitted your request for Mobile Deposit

What type of item is ineligible through SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit?

Foreign currency

Savings Bonds
Checks payable to a third-party
Substitute checks {checks created from an electronic image}
Checks that are older than 6 months
Checks that have been altered or irregular
Checks submitted for deposit which are drawn off of the same account

How do I know when my Mobile Deposit check has been credited to my account?

Once the deposit shows as complete on the deposit screen, you can log into your account via Online Banking to confirm the actual posting.

How many checks can I deposit at a time?

Each deposit is submitted and processed separately

What do I do with the check after it's been deposited?

Once you receive confirmation of deposit, mark VOID on the front of the check and retain it in a safe place for 90 days; properly dispose of the item thereafter

What is the cutoff time for depositing checks?

There is no cutoff time for submitting your deposit.  However, any check deposit submitted through SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Mobile Deposit after 4:00 PM (PST) will be credited to your account on our next business day.

What if I have more than one account with SMW104 Federal Credit Union?

You must login to each account separately through SMW 104 Federal Credit Union Online Banking and submit your request form.

What if I have a joint account?

If my SMW 104 Federal Credit Union account is joint, each account holder will have to download the app and register their specific device by tapping "New Deposit User" on the login screen.  Only the share accounts you have access to will be displayed.


In an effort to expand the services available to our members, SMW 104 Federal Credit Union is proud to to offer FREE Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Electronic Bill Payment and eStatements.

Online Banking offers you the convenience of accessing your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via your computer. Your browser must be Netscape 4.04 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher. Call the credit union and speak with one of our Member Service Representatives, who will assist you with your account registration.

With Online Banking you can inquire on any of your credit union accounts, make payments, schedule transfers, and view transaction history, and even obtain a copy of your paid checks, just to name a few.

In addition, we also offer Electronic Bill Payment (EBP). You will need to have a Checking Account with SMW 104 Federal Credit Union. With EBP, you will receive bills the same way you always have, and therefore you maintain the right to verify the amount you have been billed is correct. To begin your Bill Payment service, simply login to your account via Online Banking, and select the Account Set-Up option under the Bill Pay menu. Once there, complete your personal information to set-up your registration. The approval process takes approximately 24 hours, and you will receive a confirmation email. When you're ready to pay the bill, you will schedule your payment simply log into your account online @

SMW 104 Federal Credit Union's EBP system offers some unique features designed to save time when you schedule recurring payments of the same amount (i.e. you home mortgage) to be paid each month. In addition, you can establish payee profiles to avoid entering contact information each time a bill is to be paid. This streamlines the bill paying process even if the amount to be paid varies from month to month.

To ensure your payments are received on time, all you have to do is schedule it at least 7-10 business days prior to the bill's due date.

EBP with SMW 104 Federal Credit Union is FREE. If you're like most people, time is getting more and more valuable. It seems that stopping by the post office to pick up stamps, sitting down to write a check for each bill and remembering to drop them in the mail doesn't always fit into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

If you have any questions, please contact our Member Service Department at 1-800-464-5987. Again, to register for Online Banking and Electronic Bill Payment, simply click on the Online Banking Login located on the home page and follow the prompts. 

Enrolling in eStatements is a simple way that you can receive your statements faster and make a positive difference in our environment. When you receive your statements electronically you can view and print them in a safe, secure environment anytime, anywhere. In order to access eStatements your computer must be Windows2000 or higher, have installed Adobe Reader 7 or higher and use Internet Explorer 6 or higher. If you have more than one account with SMW 104 Federal Credit Union, each account number must be enrolled individually. Enrollment is fast and easy, just log on to your credit union account via Online Banking and click eStatements under the Accounts tab. You will be prompted to complete the enrollment page and you're ready to go. If you have not logged into your account via Online Banking before, please contact the credit union for assistance with the set-up.

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